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Which Hotels Have Ev Chargers

As electric vehicles become more popular, so does the need for EV charging stations. And with more people opting for environmentally friendly options, it’s not just individual homeowners who are installing chargers in their driveways. Many hotels are now offering EV charging stations in their parking lots to cater to travelers with electric cars. This is a convenient solution for guests who want to keep their vehicles charged while they stay overnight at a hotel. In this blog post, we will be taking a look at which hotels offer EV chargers and what benefits this can bring to their businesses.

Benefits of staying at a hotel with EV chargers

which hotels have ev chargers

Staying at hotels with EV chargers is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it ensures that your vehicle has a full charge, allowing you to travel further without any concerns of running out of power. This eliminates the need for detours to find a charging station, saving time and reducing stress on your trip.

Moreover, hotels with EV chargers typically cater to environmentally conscious guests, meaning that there is a high possibility that their amenities, services, and even the hotel property itself are made with sustainability in mind. This implies that your stay would be more eco-friendly, an excellent way to take part in the collective efforts to save the planet.

By choosing a hotel that has EV chargers, you are supporting the growth of electric vehicle infrastructure, promoting sustainable transportation, and saving money on gasoline expenses.

In conclusion, to get the most out of your trips, consider staying at hotels with EV chargers. Beyond the convenience of keeping your electric vehicle charged, you can also have peace of mind knowing that your stay contributes to a more sustainable world.

The importance of researching hotels with EV chargers before booking

which hotels have ev chargers

Traveling in an electric vehicle (EV) can be an exciting experience, but it also requires a bit of planning to ensure you can continue your journey without interruption. One of the key aspects of this planning is researching EV-friendly accommodations, specifically hotels with EV chargers. Booking a hotel with an EV charger can make your trip much more convenient and stress-free. Instead of having to search for public charging stations or worry about the range of your EV, you can simply park at the hotel and charge your vehicle overnight. This not only saves time but also helps you stay on schedule and avoid any issues that may arise from a low battery. Therefore, it is important to do your research and choose a hotel that offers this amenity if you are traveling by EV.

List of hotel chains that offer EV charging stations (Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, Hyatt, etc.)

which hotels have ev chargers

If you’re an electric vehicle owner, finding hotels with EV charging stations has become an essential part of planning a road trip. Fortunately, major hotel chains have recognized this growing need. Popular brands like Marriott, Hilton, Best Western, and Hyatt have all begun to incorporate EV charging stations at many of their properties. These hotels are equipped with modern Level 2 chargers, meaning drivers can enjoy faster charging times and peace of mind while they rest. As more hotel chains continue to follow suit, finding a place to charge your EV while on the go will only become easier.

Specific hotels within those chains that offer EV chargers

which hotels have ev chargers

If you’re traveling with an electric vehicle, it’s important to know which hotels within the popular chains offer EV chargers. While most hotel chains offer public charging stations in their parking lots, not all locations have them. Here are some specific hotels within popular chains that offer EV chargers:

– Marriott: The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel in California has six EV chargers in the parking lot. The Marriott Long Wharf in Boston has four EV chargers.

– Hilton: The Hilton San Diego Bayfront in California has six EV chargers in the parking lot. The Hilton Houston Post Oak in Texas has two EV chargers.

– Hyatt: The Hyatt Regency Newport Beach in California has two EV chargers in the parking lot. The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor has two EV chargers.

– IHG: The InterContinental San Francisco has four EV chargers in the parking lot. The Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach in California has one EV charger.

– Best Western: Many Best Western hotels have Level 2 charging stations, but not all locations. It’s best to check with the specific hotel to see if they offer EV charging.

By staying at a hotel within these chains that offers EV chargers, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle will be charged up and ready to go for your next adventure.

Options for using public charging stations while staying at a hotel without EV chargers

which hotels have ev chargers

When you’re on a road trip with an electric vehicle, finding a hotel with an EV charger can be a game changer. But what if the hotel you want to stay at doesn’t have one? Thankfully, there are options for utilizing public charging stations while still being able to stay at your desired hotel.

One option is to research public charging stations near the hotel and plan for a stop before checking in. This way, you can charge up before arriving and have enough range to get around during your stay.

Another option is to use apps like PlugShare or ChargePoint to locate public charging stations in the area. Depending on the distance between the hotel and the charging station, you could schedule a charging session while you go out and explore the city.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan as well, such as carrying a portable charger with you so you can charge your vehicle in case all charging stations are occupied. In any case, planning and research are key when travelling with an electric vehicle, especially if you’re staying at a hotel without an EV charger.

How to locate EV charging stations near a hotel

which hotels have ev chargers

When planning a trip with an electric vehicle, finding hotels that have electric vehicle charging stations can make a big difference in the ease and convenience of your journey. Fortunately, there are several ways to locate EV charging stations near a hotel.

One option is to use a map-based app or website that shows the locations of nearby charging stations. Some popular options include PlugShare, ChargePoint, and EVgo, among others. These apps allow you to filter results by charger type, location, and other features, such as whether the charging station is free or requires payment.

Another way to find EV charging stations near a hotel is to call the hotel directly and ask if they offer charging facilities. Many hotels, especially those that cater to business travelers, are beginning to install EV charging stations as a way to attract more eco-conscious guests.

Finally, if you’re a member of an electric vehicle club or group, you may be able to access a network of private charging stations owned by other members. These networks can be a great resource for finding charging stations in places where commercial options may be limited.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to plan ahead and make sure you know where you’ll be able to charge your vehicle during your journey. With a little research, you can easily locate EV charging stations near the hotels you plan to stay at and enjoy a seamless travel experience.

Tips for charging an electric car during a hotel stay

which hotels have ev chargers

If you’re planning a road trip with your electric car and want to stay at a hotel with an EV charger, here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Research in Advance: Make sure to check the hotel’s website or call ahead to confirm if they have EV chargers available. Check the number of chargers and compatibility with your car beforehand.

2. Plan your Charging: Make sure to plan your charging carefully. Consider the distance you are traveling, the battery capacity, and the charging speed of the charger available at the hotel.

3. Top Up Overnight: The best time for charging an EV is overnight as the car won’t be in use, so it can get fully charged.

4. Inquire about Charging Costs: Some hotels offer complimentary EV charging, while others may charge a fee. Inquire about these costs beforehand to avoid any surprises.

5. Be Mindful: Be mindful of other electric car owners who may need the charger too. Don’t leave your car parked there longer than necessary once it’s fully charged – so there’s space for others who need it.

By following these tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free charging experience at hotels with EV chargers, so you can enjoy your electric car on your road trip.

The future of EV charging at hotels

which hotels have ev chargers

As electric vehicles become more popular, travelers are increasingly looking for hotels that offer EV charging stations. Hotels that cater to business travelers especially are likely to see greater demand for EV chargers in the coming years, as companies prioritize sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. Offering EV charging stations could also give hotels a competitive edge in attracting eco-conscious guests.

While not all hotels currently have EV charging stations, many are making plans to install them in the future. Some hotels are partnering with charging station companies to install units in their parking lots, while others are building their own charging infrastructure. Additionally, hotels may be able to receive incentives from local governments for installing charging stations.

In the future, we can expect to see even more hotels with EV charging stations. As electric vehicles become more mainstream and drivers become more reliant on charging infrastructure, hotels that offer charging stations will become even more desirable to travelers. The future of EV charging at hotels looks bright, and savvy hotel operators will be sure to take advantage of this growing trend.

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