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Where Are Electric Car Chargers

With the increasing interest in electric cars, the demand for electric car chargers is also on the rise. However, many people still don’t know where to find them. To keep up with this growing trend, more charging stations are popping up in cities around the world. In this article, we will discuss where you can find electric car chargers and how to make the most of them. Whether you’re a long-time electric car owner or considering purchasing one, read on to learn more about where to find electric car chargers.

Private charging stations (installed by homeowners or businesses)

where are electric car chargers

Private Charging Stations:

Apart from public charging stations, electric car owners can also charge their vehicles at private charging stations. These charging stations are installed by homeowners or businesses at their personal properties. They offer a great solution to electric car owners who live in areas with a limited number of public charging stations or for those who require charging at odd hours.

Homeowners can install a private charging station in their garage or driveway, while businesses can set up charging stations in their parking lots or garages. It not only provides convenience for employees who drive electric cars but also promotes the use of renewable energy sources by offering charging from renewable energy sources like solar panels.

Many businesses have also started offering charging stations as an added perk for their customers, such as cafes or shopping malls. It not only attracts more electric car drivers but also increases foot traffic, which ultimately is beneficial for business.

Moreover, the cost of using private charging stations is comparatively lower than public charging stations. Homeowners and businesses can set their own charging rates, which can result in significant savings.

In conclusion, private charging stations are a great solution for electric car owners who are in search of flexible, cost-effective, and convenient charging solutions.

Fast-charging stations (capable of charging a car in 30 minutes or less)

where are electric car chargers

Fast-charging stations for electric cars are becoming more common across the world. These chargers are capable of delivering a high amount of energy in a short amount of time, allowing drivers to recharge their cars quickly and get back on the road. There are now more than 25,000 fast-charging stations across the globe, with many more planned for the near future. In the United States, there are more than 2,000 fast-charging stations, with California having the most of any state. In Europe, the number of fast-charging stations has grown rapidly in recent years, with countries like Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands leading the way. In Asia, China is the leader in fast-charging infrastructure, with more than 200,000 EV charging stations, including both fast and slow chargers. With the increasing popularity of electric cars, it is likely that the number of fast-charging stations will continue to grow rapidly in the years to come.

Destination charging stations (located at hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions)

where are electric car chargers

Destination charging stations are a crucial component of the electric vehicle infrastructure. These charging stations are located at various tourist attractions, hotels, and resorts, a smart strategy to encourage long-distance travel for electric vehicle owners.

The idea behind destination charging is to make EV owners feel at ease while traveling. Instead of worrying about finding a charging station, they can enjoy their destination fully. Since travelers tend to stay longer at a destination charging station, they can get a full charge during their stay, enabling them to continue on their journey. Destination charging is also an opportunity for businesses to attract and retain EV customers by providing a convenient charging location for them.

Many prominent hotels and resorts across the United States have implemented destination charging stations, realizing the potential benefits of courting electric car drivers. By setting up charging stations, they offer guests a reliable and convenient amenity that they will appreciate.

As electric cars grow in popularity, so will the demand for charging stations. For businesses in the hospitality and tourist industry, destination charging is the perfect way to capitalize on the trend and attract eco-conscious customers who drive plug-in electric vehicles.

Towing charging stations (mobile units that can be brought to the location of an electric car)

where are electric car chargers


Towing Charging Stations

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, car charging infrastructure is in high demand. However, sometimes, finding an electric car charging station can be a daunting task. In such situations, towing charging stations or mobile charging units can come in handy. These charging stations are essentially battery-equipped trailers that can be transported to areas where conventional charging stations are not available.

Towing charging stations can be particularly useful in areas where the charging infrastructure is slowly developing. Traditional charging points are mostly installed in public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, and office buildings. However, as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, there could be instances where the existing charging stations are not enough, and there is a requirement for additional charging facilities. That’s where towing charging stations can prove to be a game-changer.

Moreover, towing charging stations can also be useful for people who do not have a conventional charging point at home. In such cases, one can request a towing charging station near their location. They only need to make sure that they have sufficient space for it, and once the charging is done, it can be returned.

In conclusion, Towing charging stations can provide electric vehicle drivers with a viable solution when regular charging points are not available. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, the need for additional charging infrastructure is apparent, and towing charging stations can help bridge this gap.

Workplace charging stations (common in office parking lots)

where are electric car chargers


Having an electric car is becoming more and more common, and many businesses are taking notice. One of the ways some companies are supporting their employees’ eco-friendly commutes is by offering workplace charging stations.

These charging stations are usually located in parking lots, and they allow employees to charge their electric cars while they work. This is not only good for the environment, but it also saves employees money on fuel costs and can potentially attract job seekers looking for eco-friendly benefits.

Installing workplace charging stations can be seen as an investment in the future, as more and more people are buying electric cars. It also aligns the company’s brand with sustainability, which can appeal to consumers who value eco-friendliness.

While not every business may have the resources to install workplace charging stations, considering this option can send a positive message to employees and customers alike. It can show that the business is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and is willing to invest in sustainable transportation options.

EV-specific charging networks (such as Tesla’s Supercharger network)

where are electric car chargers

EV-specific charging networks, also referred to as EV-charging stations or charging points are one of the most important infrastructure required for the success of electric vehicles. These charging networks consist of specially designed and equipped charging stations for EVs to recharge their batteries while on the road. These charging stations are not only placed strategically across the city but are also connected to special networks that allow for seamless transactions and charging experiences. Some of the notable EV-specific charging networks include Tesla’s Supercharger Network, ChargePoint, Electrify America, and Blink Network among others. These networks offer not only faster charging rates but also come with added benefits such as app-enabled payment systems, real-time charging data, and access to a vast network of chargers across the country. Overall, EV-specific charging networks are critical to the widespread adoption of EVs as they allow for long-distance travel and alleviate the range anxiety often associated with driving EVs.

PlugShare app (a mobile app that provides information on public and private charging stations)

One of the easiest ways to find a public charging station for your electric car is to use the PlugShare app. This mobile app provides a comprehensive list of charging stations for electric vehicles across the world. Not only does it show the locations of public charging stations, but it also provides other essential information such as charging speed and availability in real-time.

The app also allows users to share their own charging stations, creating a community of EV users who can help each other find the nearest charging point. It’s incredibly helpful for those who are new to electric cars and may not know where to find a charging station while on the road.

In addition to public charging stations, PlugShare also lists private charging stations, such as those located at businesses or in residential neighborhoods. These can be especially useful for electric car owners who live in apartments or condos without access to a private charging station.

Overall, the PlugShare app is a convenient tool for electric car owners to quickly locate a charging station, whether they are traveling through a new city or simply trying to find a closer charging point in their own town.

Electric vehicle dealerships (may offer charging stations as a service to customers)

where are electric car chargers

Electric vehicle dealerships are actively promoting the use of electric cars and are one of the best places to find charging stations. Many of these dealerships have charging stations available for their customers to use while they are waiting for their vehicles to be serviced or for test drives. In addition, some dealerships may also offer charging stations as a service to their community. This means that even those who do not own an electric car can still charge their electric vehicles while they are out on the road. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it is becoming more common for dealerships to offer charging stations as a way to attract new customers and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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