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Used Electric Car Grant

In today’s day and age, sustainability is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With people becoming more conscious of reducing their carbon footprint, electric cars have become increasingly popular. While they are a great option for the environmentally conscious, they can be more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts. However, there is a solution to this problem – the Used Electric Car Grant. This grant presents an excellent opportunity for people to own electric vehicles without putting too much of a strain on their budget. In this post, we will take you through the fundamental aspects of the Used Electric Car Grant and help you understand how you can take advantage of it.

Who qualifies for the grant

used electric car grant

The Used Electric Car Grant is a program designed to encourage people to switch to electric cars. To qualify for the grant, you must meet certain eligibility criteria. Firstly, you must have given up ownership of a petrol or diesel car in the last 12 months. Secondly, you must have been the registered keeper of the car for a minimum of 12 months before selling or trading it in. Additionally, the electric car you are purchasing must have been first registered on or after 1st September 2014, and the original retail price must not have exceeded £60,000. Finally, you must purchase the car through a dealership registered with the Electric Vehicle Approved scheme.

Eligible vehicles for the grant

used electric car grant

If you’re interested in applying for the Used Electric Car Grant, it’s important to note that eligible vehicles must meet certain requirements. Firstly, the vehicle must be fully electric, both in terms of its powertrain and battery technology. Plug-in hybrids and other hybrid vehicles are not eligible for the grant.

Secondly, the vehicle must have a minimum range of 70 miles on a single charge. This range must be confirmed under the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) or the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC).

Lastly, the vehicle must have been first registered after 1 September 2014, and must have no more than 100,000 miles on the clock. It’s important to note that this includes both the mileage from the first registration and any additional mileage traveled since.

By ensuring that your used electric car meets these eligibility requirements, you’ll be one step closer to receiving a grant to help make your purchase more affordable, while also contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

How to apply for the grant

used electric car grant

To apply for the Used Electric Car Grant, you must first make sure that you are eligible for the program. The eligibility criteria for the grant includes:

1. You must be a private individual or business buyer of a used electric vehicle.

2. The vehicle must have a minimum of 10 miles of zero-emission range.

3. The vehicle must not have been previously registered in the United Kingdom.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you can proceed to apply for the grant through the government’s plug-in car grant website. You will need to provide certain details such as the vehicle’s make and model, registration number, and the date of purchase.

You will also need to provide evidence of your eligibility for the grant, as well as proof that you have bought the vehicle. The grant will not be paid until you have provided all the necessary documentation.

It is important to note that the grant is only available for a limited time and there is a cap on the maximum number of grant claims that can be made. Therefore, it is advisable to apply as soon as possible to ensure that you do not miss out.

Amount of funding available

used electric car grant

Electric cars have become increasingly popular due to their environmental benefits as well as cost savings on fuel and maintenance. To encourage more people to make the switch to electric vehicles, the government has introduced a grant scheme that provides funding for used electric cars.

The grant provides up to £2,500 towards the purchase of a qualifying used electric car. This can significantly reduce the cost of making the switch to an electric vehicle. However, it’s worth noting that the grant is only available for cars that are less than 12 months old and have no more than 4,000 miles on the clock.

It’s also important to consider the ongoing costs of owning an electric car, such as insurance, servicing and charging. While these costs can be lower than those of a petrol or diesel car, they should still be factored into your decision when considering purchasing an electric car.

Overall, the used electric car grant offers a great opportunity to make the switch to a more sustainable mode of transport. With funding of up to £2,500 available, it’s worth considering whether a used electric car could be the right choice for you.

Deadline for applications

used electric car grant

The deadline to apply for Used Electric Car Grant is approaching. The government grant is designed to offer buyers financial support towards the purchase of a used electric car. The scheme is part of the UK government’s initiative to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendliness. The grant provides a discount of up to £2000 on the price of a used electric vehicle. However, the scheme is due to end shortly, and the deadline for applications is approaching. It’s vital to act quickly if you’re interested in applying. Otherwise, you might miss out on an opportunity to save money on your purchase.

Other incentives for electric car buyers

Apart from the used electric car grant, there are several other financial incentives available for electric car buyers. In fact, government incentives are not the only ones available to buyers. For example, some states offer tax incentives or rebate programs for electric car buyers. In addition, there are often financial incentives available from car manufacturers themselves. This can include discounting the cost of purchasing or leasing an electric car, as well as providing free or reduced-cost charging at designated charging stations. Regardless of the specific incentive programs available, it’s clear that the trend toward electric vehicles is here to stay, and that government and industry alike are incentivizing consumers to make the switch to electric.

Benefits of buying a used electric car

used electric car grant


Are you thinking of switching to a more eco-friendly mode of transportation? Consider buying a used electric car. Here are some benefits:

1. Cost-effective: Used electric cars are often much cheaper than new ones, making them a more affordable option for those on a budget. You could save thousands of dollars by purchasing a used electric car instead of a new one.

2. Lower maintenance costs: Electric cars have fewer moving parts, which means they experience less wear and tear than traditional gasoline-powered cars. This translates to lower maintenance costs, fewer repairs, and longer-lasting components.

3. Tax incentives: Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for tax incentives for purchasing a used electric car. Make sure to research your local laws and regulations to see if you qualify.

4. Reduced carbon footprint: By choosing a used electric car, you are making a positive impact on the environment. Electric cars emit zero or significantly fewer emissions than gasoline-powered cars, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

Don’t let the misconception that used electric cars are not as reliable stop you from making the switch to a greener lifestyle. With proper research and due diligence, you can find a reliable and cost-effective used electric car that fits your needs and budget.

Drawbacks of buying a used electric car

used electric car grant

While buying a used electric car can save you a significant amount of money on upfront costs, there are some drawbacks to consider. First, the battery life of an electric car degrades over time, which means that a used car may have a shorter range than a new one. Additionally, the charging infrastructure for electric cars is still developing, which could make finding charging stations more difficult for older models. Finally, repairs and maintenance for electric cars can be costly, and finding qualified mechanics to work on them can also be a challenge in some areas. These factors should be carefully considered when deciding whether to purchase a used electric car.

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