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Legoland Ny Ev Charging

In today’s world, electric cars are becoming more and more popular. As more people consider switching to electric vehicles, businesses are beginning to recognize the importance of providing electric vehicle charging stations. Legoland New York, a kid-friendly theme park located in Goshen, New York, is taking a step in the right direction by installing electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lots. This move not only benefits the environment but also encourages the use of electric cars and promotes sustainable transportation. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of this initiative and its impact on the environment and transportation.

The importance of EV charging infrastructure

legoland ny ev charging

As we all continue to work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future, the importance of EV charging infrastructure cannot be underestimated. With a growing number of electric vehicles hitting the roads, it’s critical that businesses take the initiative to build EV charging infrastructure.

By incorporating EV charging stations, businesses not only cater to the growing population of EV drivers but they also promote sustainability efforts within their organization. Providing a reliable charging spot also creates a positive brand image for businesses as drivers will associate the brand with environmentally friendly and forward-thinking values.

The proliferation of EV charging infrastructure isn’t limited to just consumer-facing businesses—companies with fleets of electric vehicles can benefit from having their own charging infrastructure. By investing in in-house charging stations, businesses can ensure that their vehicles are always ready for the next task at hand, with no downtime due to a lack of charging.

As more businesses join the EV charging infrastructure movement, it will contribute to a larger, more comprehensive charging network that will help make electric vehicles even more accessible for the masses. In short, the importance of EV charging infrastructure cannot be overstated, and businesses should consider investing in such infrastructure as part of their sustainability efforts and brand promotion.

Partnership between Legoland NY and EVgo

legoland ny ev charging

Legoland NY recently announced a partnership with EVgo to offer electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at their theme park. This partnership shows Legoland NY’s commitment to sustainability and supports the growth of EV usage. The charging stations will provide visitors with a convenient and eco-friendly way to charge their vehicles while enjoying their day at the park. With the increasingly popular trend of eco-tourism, this initiative is a positive step towards encouraging visitors to choose sustainable transportation options. Overall, the partnership between Legoland NY and EVgo is a great example of how businesses can work towards a greener future while still providing top-notch services to their customers.

Location of EV charging stations at Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

Legoland NY has recognized the importance of sustainable energy and has installed electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the parking lot for the convenience of its guests. These charging stations are located at a prime spot, making them easily accessible to any EV owner. They have been strategically placed, keeping in mind the convenience and safety of the guests. The exact location of the charging stations can be found on the park map or through the mobile app. Visitors can also inquire about the locations of the charging stations at the guest services desk upon their arrival. The EV charging station at Legoland NY is a great initiative that encourages guests to reduce their carbon footprint while they enjoy a fun-filled day with their family and friends.

Types of EV charging available at Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

There are different types of EV charging available at Legoland NY, catering to the varying needs of electric vehicle owners. The first option is a Level 2 charging station that provides up to 240 volts of power to the electric vehicle. This type of charging station is ideal for travelers visiting the park for an extended period, as it can charge the car battery anywhere from two to six hours, depending on the battery level.

The second type of charging station is a Level 3 or DC fast charging station, capable of providing up to 480 volts of power to the electric vehicle. This type of charging station is ideal for those seeking a quick charge, as it can charge the car battery up to 80% in 30 minutes. However, this type of charging station is only compatible with certain electric car models.

Lastly, Legoland NY also offers Tesla-specific charging stations which are compatible only with Tesla electric vehicles. The Tesla-specific charging station is also a Level 2 charging station, capable of creating up to 240 volts of power to charge the Tesla vehicle battery.

Regardless of the type of electric vehicle you drive, Legoland NY has a range of charging solutions that cater to your needs. Whether you’re in a hurry and need a quick boost, or you’re spending a longer time at the park, recharge your electric vehicle with the peace of mind that Legoland NY’s professional service brings.

Cost of EV charging at Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

The cost of EV charging at Legoland NY is quite reasonable. They provide Level 2 charging stations, which can charge most EVs in 4-6 hours. The cost is $10 for the first hour and $5 for each additional hour of charging. It is important to note that this fee is in addition to the park admission fee. However, for those who have an annual membership, the cost of EV charging is included. Additionally, Legoland NY offers complimentary charging for electric vehicles with blue disabled parking permits. Overall, the cost of EV charging at Legoland NY is affordable and allows visitors to enjoy their day at the park without worrying about running out of battery power.

Benefits of using EV charging at Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

If you’re an electric vehicle (EV) driver, you’ll be pleased to know that Legoland New York Resort is equipped with EV charging stations. While you’re having fun with your family, your vehicle can be charged up too.

There are many benefits of using these stations. First, you’ll save time and money by not having to look for an available charging station nearby. Second, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by using a sustainable energy option. Finally, it’s a convenient option for families on a road trip as they don’t have to worry about their vehicle running out of charge before they reach their next destination.

Overall, having EV charging stations at Legoland NY is a win-win situation for EV drivers and the environment. So, if you’re an EV driver, make sure to take advantage of these charging stations during your visit to Legoland NY.

Tips for EV owners visiting Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

When visiting Legoland NY, EV (electric vehicle) owners must know about the available charging options to ensure a smooth visit. Here are some tips for EV owners:

1. Check for charging infrastructure – Before planning the trip, check whether Legoland NY has charging infrastructure. This can be done by visiting the Legoland NY website or using smartphone apps like PlugShare or ChargePoint to find charging stations in the vicinity.

2. Equip with appropriate charging cable – Charging stations often have different types of connectors, so make sure to have the right cable needed for your EV. Some connectors used at Legoland NY may include J1772, CCS, CHAdeMO, Tesla and others.

3. Have sufficient charge – Plan a route with charging stations along the way and ensure that your EV battery has enough charge to get to and from Legoland NY.

4. Consider charging time – Calculate the charging time and plan the visit accordingly. The charging time will vary depending on the battery capacity, the charging level, and the number of EVs at the station. You might also consider bringing other activities like board games or books to pass the time while you wait.

5. Be considerate – Once charging is complete, take the EV from the charging station to allow others to charge their EVs. Additionally, always adhere to safety rules and regulations while using the charging station.

By following these tips, EV owners can have a stress-free experience at Legoland NY and minimize any inconvenience that may arise.

Future plans for EV charging at Legoland NY

legoland ny ev charging

Legoland NY understands the growing need for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and is dedicated to providing its guests with a clean and sustainable amenity. Although the park will open without EV charging stations, Legoland NY is working on future plans to include these eco-friendly additions.

The park is in the process of designing and engineering a comprehensive EV charging infrastructure that will meet the needs of its visitors. This includes installing a fleet of Level 2 charging stations, which can fully charge most EVs in just a few hours. Additionally, Legoland NY plans to install some quick-charge stations to provide guests with an even faster charging option.

The park has committed to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations and is eager to promote the adoption of electric vehicles among its visitors. By offering convenient charging options, Legoland NY hopes to encourage guests to make the switch to electric and reduce their carbon footprint.

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