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Blink Electric Vehicle Charger

As the world becomes more conscious about the environment, sustainable practices are gaining more momentum in businesses. The automobile industry has been one of the significant contributors to pollution globally. However, thanks to the emergence of electric vehicles, we now have a more eco-friendly mode of transportation. This has prompted the need for more charging stations dedicated to electric vehicles. In response to this need, Blink Electric Vehicle Charger was created – a cost-effective and reliable charging system that helps make electric vehicle charging more accessible than ever before. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the benefits of Blink Electric Vehicle Charger and how it can transform the transportation sector.

Benefits of owning a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger

blink electric vehicle charger

Owning a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger comes with a plethora of benefits. First and foremost, it is a convenient and cost-effective way of recharging your electric car. You save time and money by avoiding the hassle of going to gas stations and paying high gas prices. With Blink’s fast charging technology, you can charge your car in a matter of minutes, and without any harmful emissions.

Moreover, owning a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger adds value to your home or business. It is viewed as a smart investment and a step towards sustainability. Many potential buyers or customers may prefer properties with EV chargers already installed, thus increasing the resale or rental value of your property.

Blink Electric Vehicle Charger comes with a user-friendly mobile application that allows you to monitor and track your charging activity. You can view your charging history and receive status updates on your phone or smartwatch, ensuring that your vehicle is always ready to go.

Finally, owning a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger contributes to a cleaner environment. Using electric cars is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, and Blink’s charging technology ensures that you are charging your car using clean energy sources, such as solar or wind power.

In summary, owning a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger provides you with convenience, cost savings, added value to your property or business, technology benefits, and a cleaner environment. It is an excellent way to support sustainable living while benefiting from the latest technology.

Compatibility with different types of electric vehicles

blink electric vehicle charger

Blink Electric Vehicle Charger is a versatile product that is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. It allows you to charge your vehicle quickly and efficiently, so you can hit the road again in no time. The charger is designed to work with all kinds of electric cars, including plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Moreover, the product is compatible with all standard charging cables, making it easy to use for all EV drivers. Whether you drive a Tesla, a BMW i3, a Chevy Bolt, or any other electric vehicle, the Blink EV charger is a reliable and convenient solution to keep your car running smoothly. Its compatibility with different types of electric vehicles makes it an ideal choice for home, businesses, and public charging stations.

Types of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers available

blink electric vehicle charger

There are various types of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers available to cater to different charging needs and requirements. The most common types are level 1, level 2, and DC fast chargers.

Level 1 chargers are the slowest and are suitable for use at home or office. They provide a charging rate of 2 to 5 miles of range per hour and require a standard 120-volt outlet.

Level 2 chargers are faster and can provide a charging rate of 10 to 20 miles of range per hour. They require a 240-volt outlet and are commonly found in public places like shopping malls, parking lots, and city streets.

DC fast chargers are the fastest and most powerful chargers available. They can charge an electric vehicle up to 80% in just 30 minutes making them ideal for long-distance travel. They are mostly found on highways and at rest stops.

Some Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers also provide additional features such as mobile connectivity and payment options, making them even more convenient to use. With a wide range of charging options, Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers make it easier for electric vehicle owners to charge their vehicles, reducing range anxiety and making it easier to transition to sustainable transportation.

Features of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers

Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers come with a range of features that make them the preferred choice for businesses and consumers worldwide. Firstly, the chargers have a sleek and professional design that blends seamlessly into any environment. They are easy to install and come with clear instructions, ensuring hassle-free installation.

One of the key features of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers is their safety features. The chargers are engineered to protect the vehicle, the user, and the surrounding environment. They have built-in safety mechanisms that prevent overcharging, overvoltage, and overheating.

Another standout feature of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers is their smart capabilities. They can be remotely operated and monitored using the Blink Mobile App, which allows users to track their charging progress and access usage data. They also come with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, enabling seamless integration with other smart home devices.

Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers have a wide range of power options available, including Level 2 chargers and DC Fast chargers. This allows businesses and consumers to choose the charger that suits their requirements and budget. The chargers are also designed to be future-proof, capable of supporting the latest electric vehicles and charging technologies.

In conclusion, Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers are a reliable, safe, and smart choice for businesses and consumers seeking a professional charging solution. With a range of features designed to make charging easy and accessible, Blink is a brand you can trust.

Installation process and requirements for Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers

blink electric vehicle charger


Installing a Blink Electric Vehicle Charger is a straightforward process, and can be accomplished by a licensed electrician. It is important to first determine the appropriate location for the charger, ensuring it is close enough to the parking spot of the vehicle without obstructing any passageways or pedestrian traffic.

Once the location has been decided, the installation process involves the electrician assessing the electrical panel and ensuring it has the necessary capacity for the charger. A dedicated circuit of 240 volts and 40 amps is required to power the charger.

The electrician will then run conduit and wiring from the electrical panel to the installation location, following the manufacturer’s guidelines. The Blink charger comes with detailed instructions and should be installed following these to ensure proper functioning and safety.

Additional requirements for installation include a dedicated parking space for the electric vehicle, and obtaining any necessary permits or approvals from local authorities.

Overall, the installation process for the Blink Electric Vehicle Charger may require a few extra steps compared to a regular wall outlet, but the convenience and benefits of owning an electric vehicle make it a worthwhile investment.

Cost of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers

blink electric vehicle charger

Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers are a great investment for any company that wants to provide electric vehicle charging stations to their customers or employees. While the cost of Blink chargers varies based on the model and installation requirements, they are generally priced competitively with other commercial-grade charging station options.

One of the benefits of Blink chargers is that they offer cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. For example, the Blink IQ 200 Series chargers can charge up to two cars simultaneously, making them an ideal choice for small to medium-sized companies. The cost of each unit for IQ 200 series starts at $499.00, though installation and additional accessories may cost extra.

For larger companies or those looking to offer more charging options, the Blink DC fast-charging stations are a fantastic choice. These stations are capable of charging a vehicle up to 80% in 20-30 minutes, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or locations where drivers are looking for a quick boost. Prices for these stations typically start at $25,000 for installation, although some companies may qualify for financial incentives or rebates to offset the cost.

Ultimately, the cost of Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers is a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly workplace. Not only do they provide a valuable service to employees and customers, but they also help companies reduce their environmental impact and embrace a more sustainable future.

Warranty and support for Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers

blink electric vehicle charger

Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers come with a comprehensive warranty and customer support. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty covering any defects in materials and workmanship related to the charging station. If the charger fails to operate under normal use, the manufacturer will repair or replace the unit as per the terms of the warranty.

In addition to the warranty, the manufacturer offers customer support that is available all year round. Their team of experts is always there to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your Blink Electric Vehicle Charger. Customers can contact them via phone, email, or chat, and they will respond promptly to any issues you may have.

Furthermore, the manufacturer provides guided installation support and an online user manual to assist you with the setup process. Thus, you can be confident that you’ll have expert assistance throughout the installation, ensuring a seamless experience.

Overall, Blink Electric Vehicle Charger’s warranty and support reflect their commitment to excellent customer service. They strive to provide their clients with a reliable and premium charging experience and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews and experiences with Blink Electric Vehicle Chargers

blink electric vehicle charger


Electric vehicle owners have had different experiences using Blink electric vehicle chargers. Some customers have shared positive feedbacks regarding the ease of use of the charger and how it charges their electric vehicles quickly and efficiently. Some testified that they enjoy the convenience of the Blink charger being available in many locations, including gas stations and shopping centers.

However, there have been some negative experiences with the Blink electric vehicle chargers. Some customers have reported experiencing technical glitches, which hindered the charging process. The inconvenience of having to contact customer service to resolve issues has been highlighted as discouraging. Additionally, some customers have pinpointed inconsistency in charging speed, which affects charging time.

Overall, these customer reviews highlight the importance of product quality and consistency both in terms of operation and customer service. While the Blink electric vehicle charger may be a top choice for some users, there is always room for improvement and addressing negative feedback can help improve the overall customer experience.

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