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Best Apps For Electric Car Owners

As electric cars become more popular, it’s becoming increasingly important for drivers to have access to apps that can help them easily navigate charging stations, plan their routes, and monitor their battery life. Luckily, there are a variety of apps available for electric car owners to help them streamline the experience and make owning an electric car simpler than ever. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best apps available for electric car owners and discuss how they can make your life easier and more environmentally friendly.

A. Importance of mobile apps for electric car owners

best apps for electric car owners

As an electric car owner, mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for managing and monitoring the car’s performance. The apps not only provide real-time information about the car’s battery life and charge status but also allow owners to locate nearby charging stations, plan road trips based on charging stations, and keep tabs on their car’s performance. With the increasing popularity of electric cars, many car manufacturers have even developed their own mobile apps that specifically cater to their vehicles. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for electric car owners to be familiar with the best mobile apps available to make the most out of their driving experience.

Top 10 apps for electric car owners

best apps for electric car owners

1. PlugShare – An app that helps you locate charging stations and provides information on their availability and cost.
2. ChargePoint – This app not only helps you locate charging stations, but it also allows you to start and stop charging from your smartphone.
3. EVgo – Another app that helps you locate charging stations, but this one also offers fast charging options for those in a hurry.
4. GreenCharge – This app allows you to track and monitor your charging sessions, as well as receive notifications when your vehicle is fully charged.
5. JuiceNet – A smart charging app that optimizes your charging times based on electricity rates and your daily schedule.
6. MyGreenCar – This app provides real-time information on your electric car’s performance and helps you track your driving habits for a more efficient commute.
7. EV Connect – An app that provides access to public charging stations and allows you to pay for charging directly through the app.
8. ChargeHub – This app offers a comprehensive map of charging stations and even allows you to filter by connector type and network.
9. Electrify America – An app that provides access to the largest open DC fast charging network in the U.S., with stations located along major highways and urban areas.
10. Turo – This app allows you to rent out your electric car to other drivers, providing a way for you to earn some extra cash while promoting sustainable transportation options.

1) Plugshare

best apps for electric car owners

Plugshare is an app designed for electric car owners looking for charging stations. It is a crowd-sourced application, meaning that fellow electric car owners add and update charging locations. Plugshare provides drivers with a comprehensive map of charging stations worldwide and even highlights which stations are in use or are currently available. Additionally, the app includes details about the charging stations, such as their power rating and tips from other users. If you are an electric car owner looking for a reliable charging station, Plugshare is worth checking out.

2) ChargePoint

best apps for electric car owners

ChargePoint is a popular app used by many electric car owners. It provides real-time information about the charging status of your car, along with the location of nearby charging stations. This app makes it easy to find charging stations while on-the-go and helps you plan your route accordingly. Additionally, ChargePoint also allows you to reserve charging stations in advance, which is especially helpful during peak usage times. The app also comes with a rewards program, providing incentives for frequent users and making your charging experience more cost-effective. Overall, ChargePoint is a must-have app for any electric car owner looking for a convenient charging experience.

3) My Green Car

best apps for electric car owners

My Green Car: Plan Your Route and Connect with Other EV Owners

As an electric car owner, you already know how important it is to plan your route to make sure you have enough range to get to your destination and back home. My Green Car is a handy app that makes route planning a breeze – simply enter your starting point, destination, and the make and model of your EV, and the app will plan your route based on your car’s range. You can even customize the route to include charging stations along the way.

But that’s not all – My Green Car also has a social feature that allows you to connect with other EV owners in your area. You can share your experiences with your car, recommend charging stations, and even plan group road trips. With this app, you’ll never feel alone in your green car journey.

4) EVgo

EVgo is an app that caters specifically to electric car owners on the go. It helps drivers to easily locate EVgo charging stations and reserve them in advance. This eliminates the hassle of arriving at a station only to find it occupied or out of order. Additionally, the app provides real-time updates on the status of charging, allowing drivers to monitor their vehicle’s charge level remotely. This means that drivers can plan their routes with confidence, knowing that they can easily locate charging stations wherever they go. With over 800 fast charging locations across 34 states in the US, EVgo provides a reliable and easy to use app for electric car owners.

5) GreenCharge

best apps for electric car owners

GreenCharge is a popular app among electric car owners as it helps in managing the charging process efficiently. The app provides real-time data on the battery level and the estimated time required for a full charge. GreenCharge also allows users to set reminders for charging, schedule charging during off-peak hours, and locate nearby charging stations. Another useful feature of GreenCharge is that it enables users to monitor the charging progress remotely through their smartphones. This way, electric car owners can be sure that their cars are charging properly even when they are away from their vehicle. Overall, GreenCharge simplifies the electric car charging process, making it a must-have app for all electric car owners.

6) ChargeHub

best apps for electric car owners

ChargeHub is an innovative app that makes it easy for electric car owners to find charging stations nearby. It provides real-time updates on the availability of charging stations and offers detailed information such as the charging speed, types of connectors available, and pricing. ChargeHub also allows you to plan your trip and find charging points along the way. It supports over 100 charging networks and has a database of over 90,000 charging stations across North America and Europe. With ChargeHub, electric car owners can easily navigate their way across cities and ensure that their vehicles are always charged up and ready to go.

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